About us

Forwarding Plus is your logistics partner for transport to and from Central Europe! Together with our team in Brno we are a quick and professional team. At home in Central Europe and the Benelux countries. You meet a company speaking your language both literally and figuratively.

Service with a plus

It is all about YOU our customer. We are concerned of your shipments, goods and requirements.

Distinctive for Forwarding Plus is handling easy and quickly of both operations and administration. The speed is reflected in the response to your requested bookings, execution, fats switching by local presence and the smooth billing. Your shipments easily tracked with real time track & trace.

Forwarding Plus works with a Control Tower function to monitor your shipments. In case of exceptions directly communication is established. Our performance is pro-active so you are always informed better and quicker than your customer.
Our charters and special selected partners are also closely involved and connected with our charter app. We work on base of partnership which means we are reliable and involved with them as well. Order, instruction, guidance, execution and payments. All Quick, Smart and Simple!

Our organization is one of no-nonsense and short lines so we can switch quickly and productively. Innovation is the output of an efficient organized team.

Situated in The Netherlands and Czech Republic

Forwarding Plus BV operates from Bunschoten centrally situated in The Netherlands. Our history goes back to 2009 in Czech Republic. After a steady growth we became a renown partner for traffic and from Central Europe. After a few years in the Netherlands Forwarding Plus started and took over these activities but the Czech connection remains.

Owing to the broad European network and experience the best solution is found for your transport requirements. We cover the whole European Continent owe to good relations with many transporters, subcontractors and our partners. Your shipment delivered in time anywhere.

With our office Forwarding Plus in Brno we distinguish ourselves through adequate tuning and communication with Central-Europe! With the native speakers in the region the PLUS in our service is guaranteed.

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Our team

Hans Voorbach
Managing Director

+31 6 5131 7087 (mobile)

Frank Mol
Transport Manager

+ 31 6 82 80 51 67  (24/7)

+ 31 33 3036 410

Arjan de Ridder

+ 31 6 1590 2144 (24/7)

+ 31 33 3036 410

Aly Hop-Koelewijn

+ 31 33 3036 412

Gino Menke
Allround Assistant Bunschoten

+ 31 33 3036 410

Filip Kubin
Planning Brno

+ 420 604 564 322

PRO-Active + Reliable + Quick + Smart + Simple =
Forwarding Plus

We are specialized in


The company with good local knowledge speaks the language on the spot thanks to our site in Brno!

Transport by road

National and international driving team and also a reliable network of transporters!

Air- and Seafreight

Thanks to fast shipping from multiple airports in Central-Europe, you can reach the whole world. Your goods delivered on time everywhere, Forwarding Plus is also your partner for sea freight!

Express shipments

Your express shipments throughout Europe arranged by one party!


You can arrange the storage or distribution of your goods in or from Central-Europe via Forwarding Plus.

Transport services

Thanks to our professional network and experience, we always have a reliable and fast solution for you!