Partners Forwarding Plus

Thanks to the extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the transport world, Forwarding Plus always offers the best solution. Meet some of the partners of Forwarding Plus!

Arco Transport AS
Country: Estonia
City: Saue
Website: www.arcotransport.ee

Axell Logistics sp. Z.o.o
Country: Poland
City: Rakoniewice
Website: www.axell-group.com/

Bliteb, d.o.o.
Country: Slovenia
City: Kranj
Website: www.bliteb.si

Delamode Bulgaria Ltd
Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia
Website: www.delamode-bulgaria.com/bg

CG International Forwarding BV
Country: Netherlands
City: Venlo
Website: www.cgeerts.be

Corneel Geerts Transportgroup N.V.
Country: Belgium
City: Antwerpen
Website: www.cgeerts.be

Delamode Romania Srl
Country: Romania
City: Bucharest
Website: www.delamode-romania.com/bg

KS Spedition & Logistic Kft.
Country: Hungary
City: Szigetszentmiklos
Website: www.kslogisitc.hu

Irish Shipping and transport ltd.
Country: Ireland
City: Dublin
Website: www.irishshipping.com

Neill and Brown Global Logistics
Country: Great Britain
City: Hessle
Website: www.neillbrown.com

Karlstad Shipping AS
Country: Norway
City: Vinterbro
Website: www.karlstad.no