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Departure days & lead time

We leave every day from The Netherlands to Belgium / Belgium to The Netherlands.


Cargo Loading Unloading
FTL Day A Day A
LTL/Groupage Day A Day A

Holidays & driving bans Belgium

The transport of goods that exceed the maximum permitted dimensions and weights (width 2.55, length 18.75 / 16.50 m, weight 44 tonnes for vehicle combinations with 5 or more axles) is prohibited from driving (4 p.m. the previous day until midnight the day itself). ) apply to:


1st of January New Year’s Day
5th of April Easter Monday
1st of May Labour Day
21st of May Ascension Day
31st of May and 1st of June Pentecost
21st of July National holiday
15th of August Assumption of Mary
1st of November All Saints Day
11th of November Armistice Day 1918
25th and 26th of December Christmas


General driving bans Belgium

There are no general driving bans on Sundays and public holidays.



When transporting goods with a width of more than 4m or with a length of more than 30m, a (daily) driving ban applies on all roads from 0.600 to 9.00 pm.
When transporting goods with a width of more than 3.5m on highways with less than 3 lanes in the same direction, a driving ban is applicable from 0.600 – 21.00.


The transport of goods that exceed the permitted maximum allowed dimensions and weights is prohibited from Saturday noon until Sunday midnight (except for mobile cranes where the maximum total weight of 96 tonnes is not exceeded, or with a width of up to 3.0 m).


A (daily) driving ban from 07:00 – 09:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 applies to the transport of goods with a weight of 60 t and more, wider than 3.5 m and a length of more than 27 m.

Weather conditions

The carriage of exceptional cargo is prohibited during snow and ice formation on the roads and in the case of fog, snow or rainfall where visibility is less than 200m.

Info about the transport means

We have daily departures from the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria with groupage shipments and full loads. With or without double deck trailers. This shipping method allows us to save transport costs for you.

Loading can be done from the side or the rear, with the variable heights of the adjustable floor. for example, you can use an extra second floor at a maximum height of 220cm. To be loaded by means of a stacker / forklift truck with “free height” with a height in the trailer of 300cm. But can also be unloaded from the side by using curtain sides.

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