Transport Insurance

Transport Insurance

Insurances, terms and certificates are important matters when you have to choose between different providers. At Forwarding Plus, we find it important to keep things simple and clear, and we like to tell it as it is. In our clear overview, we are happy to show you how a transport insurance works with us. This way, you know exactly where you stand!

Forwarding Plus is part of TransHeroes | Smart Logistics Provider. All business units of TransHeroes use the same terms and conditions, which makes things easy. We believe in clear language and clear agreements, which is why all our terms and conditions are on one A4 page and refer to the industry standard: Logistics Service Conditions 2014. It's important to know that Forwarding Plus acts solely as a freight forwarder. What that means is also explained in the TransHeroes terms and conditions.

You can find a complete overview of all the terms and conditions in the TransHeroes terms and conditions. To provide a brief overview of the transport insurance, we have highlighted a section of it on this page. You can also download an overview of the liability and limits. This way, you can quickly see what the transport insurance covers and easily print it out. For the full terms and conditions regarding Forwarding Plus and TransHeroes, we refer you to the TransHeroes terms and conditions via the link above.

If anything is unclear or if you want more information about the insurance or terms and conditions, simply get in touch with us. We are happy to explain how it works!

Gebruikelijke voorwaarden en limieten


Treaties, laws and regulations apply to the transport contracts that we conclude for our clients. Which ones they are depends on the mode of transport, the loading location and the unloading location, the choice of legal system and can also differ per carrier or carrier. You can imagine that the transport of two pallets within the Netherlands is bound by different rules than a conditioned sea freight from Germany to Japan.


The liability of carriers for damage or loss is determined according to the applicable rules. That liability is often limited to “limits”. The limits usually depend on the weight of the goods. We have also included those limits in the overview. Pay attention; this does not concern our liability, but that of the carriers engaged by us.


Because we work with different carriers, we would like to create some unity with regard to charging waiting hours. Sometimes it happens that loading or unloading takes a little longer than planned. We use the following guidelines: <3 Ldm - maximum 30 minutes, <6.5 Ldm - maximum 75 minutes and ≤ FTL - maximum 120 minutes. Is loading or unloading not successful within that time? Then waiting costs may arise. We usually charge € 15 per 15 minutes or € 450 per waiting day. In some cases we have to deviate from this, we state this in the quotation.


Sometimes a freight has to be canceled, we call this an error freight. This is very annoying, especially for the carrier engaged by us. He has reserved space and is now sitting with the baked pears. To compensate for this, we charge 70% when canceling on the day before loading or 100% of the freight price on the day of loading. These percentages are common in the industry.

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