Special transport
Exceptional transport

Exceptional transport

For goods that are too heavy, wide, high or long, you need a special transport (also known as exceptional transport). Special transport involves much more than just transporting the goods from A to B. Discuss the options for special transport with one of our specialists.

Specialist in exceptional transport

At Forwarding Plus, we not only offer regular transport services but we are also specialised in exceptional transport. This type of transport is intended for large, heavy or complex loads that cannot be transported in the standard way. We offer our exceptional transport services to various destinations in Europe, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia.

Special transport often requires customisation and specific permits and supervision. Our specialists are fully aware of the regulations and know exactly which permits are required for the transport of your cargo.

We also have an extensive network of partners and carriers specialised in exceptional transport. This allows us to offer you a complete solution for transporting your exceptional cargo, from the moment of collection to the final destination.

We aim to provide high-quality services with a personal approach. We listen to your wishes and needs and offer a tailor-made solution. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your exceptional transport to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria or Slovenia.

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Special or exceptional transport

Special transport or exceptional transport

For many companies, special or exceptional transport is not a daily task. Fortunately, there are many options at Forwarding Plus and we have extensive experience in getting exceptional goods transported. Thanks to our independent position as a forwarding agent, we are not tied to certain equipment or availability, which allows us to be flexible and offer high-quality services at competitive rates. Special or exceptional transport is available upon request. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities!

Special transport

Do you have goods that deviate from regular sizes and shapes? Then special transport is the solution for you. Special transport is designed for transporting large, unwieldy or dangerous goods, such as heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals and works of art. To transport your goods safely, we use specially adapted vehicles and trailers. Organising special transport requires expertise and experience. That is why you have come to the right place at Forwarding Plus. As a special transport specialist, we have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations and a broad network of carriers. We combine this expertise with the right carrier to make your exceptional transport run smoothly. By simply requesting a no-obligation quote, you gain access to our TransPortal. Here you can chat directly with your own contact person and approve the quote. Leave the organisation of your special transport to us and enjoy problem-free shipping to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria or Slovenia.

Value for money

Thanks to our extensive network, we can guarantee that your special transport will be carried out quickly and efficiently. We are not limited by our own equipment, but always have the right resources available for your special transport. This allows us to take care of your transport in the most suitable way and guarantees a reliable and flexible service.


You get access to our online customer portal, the TransPortal. Here you have a direct overview and you can easily manage all your transports. Invoices and other documents can also be found in the TransPortal.

exceptional transport

Get in touch with one of our specialists

Do you have questions about your special transport or is something not quite clear yet? Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or chat live with your own contact person. We are always ready to help at any time.

Your own environment

The TransPortal is an online platform where you can easily calculate the price of your transport and view the status of your shipment. In addition, the TransPortal offers access to the status of requested quotes and booked shipments. If you have any questions about the TransPortal, feel free to contact us!

The TransPortal
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